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What Makes Our Carpet Cleaning Different From Other Companies?

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What Makes our Tampa Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service Stand Out from the Rest?

Well….first, we are a woman owned and operated carpet/upholstery/leather cleaning company in greater Tampa Bay!  We employ well trained carpet and upholstery cleaning technicians, and have enjoyed a 5 star rating consistently. WCS has served thousands of very happy customers in the Tampa Bay area. With 39 years of service behind us, we’ve been a household name for many homeowners, maintaining their interior furnishings– while they “grew” their families!

“From toddler spills on favorite chairs, puppy piddles and big dog hair to sweaty teenagers and mom spilled wine to Dad’s recliner doesn’t shine– graduation off they go– we’ve watched your Tampa families grow!  “

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We are different in many ways but what we are NOT is a traditional “steam cleaner”.  We have many different carpet/upholstery/leather cleaning techniques in our bag of tricks.  Most competitors do not understand the basics of highly successful carpet/upholstery/leather cleaning.  Our company takes into consideration several facets of cleaning before we begin a task. Our owner is an expert at cleaning delicate fibers, fabrics and leather furniture  and can tackle tough jobs that our competitors won’t.

Should Your Tampa Bay Carpet Cleaning Company Ask  You Questions? We do.

Questions we ask: Is the carpet/upholstery a natural fiber or synthetic?  What level of soil has penetrated the carpet or upholstery?  What color is the material?  What is the cause of the spots and stains, and how do we treat them?  How much furniture will we move prior to cleaning your carpets and rugs? These types of questions and answers to them will determine what method of cleaning we use.  Will it be dry clean, wet clean, dry powder, or a combination of each?

Of course a natural fiber like wool, cotton, silk etc., require only dry cleaning!  Synthetic fibers can general can be wet cleaned.  If a water based cleaning solution is used on a natural fiber it always spells disaster!  A typical “steam cleaner” generally does not know a natural fiber from grass!  Everything by nature of a “steam cleaners” operation is handled in the same manor.


Learn more about our  Tampa Carpet Cleaning Company by browsing our website, and keep watching for updates including special offers and discounts on our deep carpet and upholstery cleaning services. 


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