Don’t “Wine” About Tough Stains on Your Carpets

Carpet Cleaning & Tough Stains like Wine

You just wanted to relax with a nice glass of wine. Suddenly, it all went south. Amidst the crying (or yelling) you were able to take some first good steps to cleaning up the mess you just made on your carpet or rug. Maybe you think you got to it quick enough and have miraculously removed the stain completely. But, is the stain really gone or should you call a professional carpet cleaning company in Tampa Bay to deep clean your carpets or rugs?

Wine and other similar substances with red dye can reek havoc when they meet the fibers of rugs and carpets. Different fibers react differently to different spills and stains. Even if you get to your spills right away, there are sugars and other chemical compounds that remain in the fibers of your carpets that can attract dirt and resurface.  We highly recommend having your carpets thoroughly deep cleaned, by a professional carpet cleaner after spills like wine and food stains.

As we pointed out, different carpet fibers react differently to spills and stains. It makes sense that carpet cleaning techniques should be tailored likewise. Many professional carpet cleaning companies in Tampa Bay use basic techniques and products, regardless of the carpet fibers or stains they are attempting to remove. Initially, it may look like stains are gone from your rugs but when the proper products and techniques are not used and the stains frequently reappear.

How World Class Services, Inc. Approaches Tough Carpet Stains

World Class Services, Inc. thinks each job is unique. We take great care in making sure that we use the appropriate cleaning and stain removal products and carpet cleaning techniques. Our knowledge of carpet fibers and the chemical makeup of stains makes us highly equipped to take on the toughest jobs. Prior to deep cleaning your carpets, we will fully evaluate the situation and recommend the cleaning techniques that we intend to use. Our goal is to ensure that your carpets are deep cleaned properly the first time, to avoid repeat cleanings that can damage your carpets. Carpet stains from wine, particularly red wine can be a tough customer but we’ve tackled those spills before. World Class Services, Inc., has seen and cleaned just about every possible stain in our 30 plus years in business, so you’re in good hands!

Types of Food Stains we Tackle with a Deep Carpet Clean

  • Wine
  • Juice
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Ketchup
  • Mustard (Can be tough, but we’ll give it our best shot when other’s will not!)
  • Grease and Oils
  • Ice Cream (Oh, we’ve cleaned up at least 32 flavors!)
  • Berry stains ( Berries are another red dye stain we will take on)Read: Deep Carpet Cleaning and Pet Stain Removal

The Quicker the Better when it Comes to Spills on Your Rugs and Carpets

If you’ve spilled your wine, coffee, tea or have a tough stain you need removed, call World Class Services, Inc. as soon as possible to schedule a deep carpet cleaning service. If you need upholstery cleaning services with stain removal, we’ve got your covered.  We offer deep carpet cleaning and stain removal services in Tampa, South Tampa, Carrollwood, West Chase, Lutz in Hillsborough and in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Clearwater Beach and the Pinellas Beaches.

Tampa/Hillsborough: (813) 886-1815
St. Petersburg/Pinellas: (727) 796-0999

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Carpet, Rugs Plus Pet Vomit, Time for a Deep Carpet Clean

Deep Carpet Cleaning Pet vomit removal

Deep Carpet and Rug Cleaning Removes Pet Vomit

Pet vomit on your rugs and carpets. It’s gross, but it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, we think it’s just a normal occurrence of raising fur babies! Much like children, our dogs, cats and other pets can have accidents. Simply put, pets can get sick and throw up and at some point, most will.  Frequently, they’ll do so on your favorite rug, on your carpets and even on your upholstery.  Because of our busy lives, and the fact that pets will often hide when they are under the weather,  you may not “find” their accident until the stain has set in. If this happens don’t automatically think there is nothing you can do about it. Don’t be embarrassed to call our Tampa carpet cleaning company to schedule a deep carpet cleaning to remove pet vomit or other pet stains.

Tampa Bay’s Pet Friendly Carpet Cleaners!

For over 3 decades, World Class Services, Inc. has seen all types of stains caused by pets. Our highly trained deep carpet cleaning technicians have removed pet urine, pet feces and pet vomit, including stains that have set in. We have saved many area rugs, oriental rugs and carpets over the years and we’re ready to save yours!

Removing Pet or Other Tough Stains from Wool Rugs

Wool area rugs are not those basic inexpensive rugs that you can toss in the washing machine. Much like oriental rugs, when wool rugs become stained or soiled from foot traffic or pets, you should opt for a deep carpet cleaning by a professional Tampa Bay carpet cleaning company. We know these rugs are not inexpensive and contain extremely delicate fibers. Our extensively trained carpet cleaning experts know how to clean and treat them with the utmost of care.

Deep Carpet Cleaning Pet vomit removalDeep Cleaning Your Carpets Can Remove Pet Vomit Stains

As previously mentioned, there are times when you may not notice right away that your pet got sick. By the time you may figure out that your pet vomited on your carpet, it’s possible that the stain has set in. Even if you do catch it right away and attempt to clean it, pet vomit can contain chemicals that may instantly discolor your carpet. Do not dismay. World Class Services, Inc. has removed pet stains and odors that homeowners believed would never come out. This includes removing pet vomit from carpets.
Not Your Basic Carpet Cleaning Service – Our knowledge of carpet fibers is extensive. Pet urine, as well as pet vomit contains different chemicals. We know that different cleaning chemicals react differently to the type of stain tampa deep carpet cleaning pet stain removalwe’re trying to remove. Some Tampa carpet cleaners will treat all stains the same and will use the same basic carpet cleaning techniques for each job. We have developed deep carpet cleaning services that are unique. We rely on the techniques that we have developed over several decades of carpet and upholstery cleaning. Together with our knowledge of fibers, fabrics and cleaning chemicals, our deep carpet cleaning services focuses on obtaining the best possible results while preserving the natural fibers in your rugs and carpets.

Read More: Pet Stain & Odor Removal

Tampa Carpet Cleaning Company – Schedule a Deep Carpet Cleaning with Pet Stain Removal

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Providing Quality Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services in Tampa Bay since 1982.”

Tampa Furniture Cleaner for Fine Fabrics & Leather

Leather Furniture Restoration - After Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning & Fine Fabrics or Leather Tampa Bay

Cleaning upholstery made of fine or delicate fabrics or even cleaning leather furniture is not for every Tampa Bay upholstery cleaner. World Class Services, Inc. is a professional furniture cleaner in Tampa.  We have a comprehensive understanding of a variety of fabrics and fibers.  We’ve earned our stars when it comes to being leather cleaning experts in Tampa Bay! It’s important to understand that not all upholstery and furniture cleaning companies in Tampa Bay can or will try to tackle removing dirt or stains from finer fabrics and leather. World Class Services can and will take on jobs that our competitors do not.

Fine Fabrics – When Quality Matters

At World Class Services, Inc., we’ve dedicated over 30 years to training our technicians and keeping up with the variety of fabrics used in fine interior furnishings.  Depending on the problem, we have a variety of solutions and furniture cleaning techniques that have proven successful, time and again. Customers will often call us as a last ditch effort to save their favorite leather chair or sofa from the dreaded “curbside” or garage sale–  When we deliver, it makes us happy to know that we’ve been able to accomplish what other Tampa upholstery cleaners could not. We love making our customers happy so, if you think you just cannot save your furniture– why not give us a chance to deep clean your favorite chair, sofa or love-seat. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised once we work our magic.

Furniture Cleaner –  Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, FL

When you need an upholstery cleaner in Tampa Bay who can tackle those fragile fabrics please give us a call to schedule services or fill out the form below to obtain a cleaning quote. Please let us know if you would like our basic upholstery cleaning services or if you have a challenging stain, spot or damage that we need to attend to.  We provide upholstery cleaning services and leather repair in Tampa, South Tampa, New Tampa, Hyde Park, Carrolwood, Westchase and throughout Hillsborough and Pinellas County, Florida.

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Allergy Relief Professional Carpet and Furniture Cleaning

remove pet dander and allergens with deep carpet cleaning

Get Allergy Relief with our Professional Carpet & Furniture Cleaning Services

Allergies. If you don’t have them, consider yourself lucky, but if you do, you may want to consider the benefits of deep cleaning your carpets and furniture to reduce the symptoms. As a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service in Tampa Bay for over 30 years we can attest to the difference a deep carpet cleaning can make for those who suffer from allergies.

Why Does Deep Cleaning Carpets and Furniture Help Reduce Allergies?

Softer surfaces in your home like furniture and carpets and throw rugs are like allergen traps. By removing these allergens from your carpets and upholstery, you can clean your indoor air that your family breathes in.

You may ask, if the allergens are trapped in the carpet and furniture what harm is there. Eventually, the fibers cannot hold the allergens like dust, dander and dirt and eventually they become airborne. Having your furniture and carpets deep cleaned by a professional Tampa carpet cleaning company can make a world of difference for allergy sufferers!

Deep Cleaning Carpets and Upholstery to Reduce Dust Mites

Dust mites are linked with dust allergies and people who are allergic to dust mites are not truly allergic to the mite itself but their fecal pellets and the portion of the dead mites that go airborne. Proteins in the dust mite’s fecal waste can be illuminated by deep cleaning your carpets and upholstery. Although it may not kill 100% of the dust mites if you have a heavy infestation, cleaning your carpets and furniture every three to four months can significantly reduce the “dirt” from the mites, thus give relief to those who suffer from this particular allergy to dust mites.

Deep Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning to Remove Pet Dander

You can vacuum often but pet dander gets embedded into your carpets and upholstery and when it builds up, it can become airborne.  When this happens, it’s time for a deep carpet cleaning.  This is true for your furniture as well especially if you love to cuddle up with your dog or cat on your furniture like most do!! If you’re afraid of your fine fabrics, don’t worry! World Class Services Inc., are experts in cleaning fine fabrics. We provide only the best when it comes to cleaning your carpets and upholstery cleaning services in Tampa Bay, Florida. Consider having your carpets and upholstery cleaned every few months if possible.

We Agree!

“Animal lovers who have pet allergies realize that keeping their carpets and furniture cleaned often can reduce their allergic symptoms drastically.

When You Need a Five Star Rated Tampa Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Cleaning Service to Deep Clean Carpets and Furniture to Reduce Allergens, Call World Class Services, Inc. Today!

Tampa Bay Carpet Cleaners




Hillsborough County Florida (813) 886-1815 – Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Cleaning Tampa, South Tampa, New Tampa, Temple Terrace, Brandon, Valrico, Lutz, Carrollwood and surrounding Hillsborough County Locales. 

Pinellas County Florida: (727) 796-0999 – Clearwater, Largo, Dunedin, Palm Harbor, St. Petersburg, Florida. 

We’re a professional carpet cleaning company who takes pride in our services. World Class Services, Inc. focuses on deep cleaning, taking our time and providing carpet cleaning services that are above average.

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Experts – Making Your Life Easier & Cleaner!

Deep carpet cleaning companies Tampa

Tampa Bay’s Professional Carpet Cleaning Experts

Despite your best efforts to keep your carpet clean here in Tampa Bay, it will eventually succumb to smears, drops, spills, pet accidents, Uncle Ted, Buccaneer and Lightning watch parties, and/or whatever gets tracked in and ground down from the bottom of your sneakers. What to do? If you want to keep your carpets looking new, talk to us. We are professional carpet cleaning experts located in Tampa, Florida. We have been handling these problems for home and business owners every day for over 30 years!

Tampa Carpet Cleaning Before

This carpet was extremely dirty, but we were up for the challenge!

Tampa Carpet Cleaning After

This carpet saw a huge improvement and delighted the owners after our experts took out stains others could not.











This carpet was in rough shape and we’re very proud of the work we performed. It saw a huge improvement and delighted the owners after our carpet cleaning technicians removed the stains others could not. Whether you need carpet cleaning with pet stain removal services or you need a deep carpet cleaning to restore your rugs to their natural beauty, World Class Services, Inc., is here to help.

We employ well trained women technicians, and have been doing business for over 33 years.  Our Tampa, Florida carpet and upholstery cleaning company has served thousands of very happy customers, and we look forward to serving you too!

What Makes Our Carpet Cleaning Different From Other Companies?

World class services inc

What Makes our Tampa Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service Stand Out from the Rest?

Well….first, we are the only woman owned and operated carpet/upholstery/leather cleaning company in greater Tampa Bay!  We employ well trained women technicians, and have been doing business for over 33 years.  We have served thousands of very happy customers, and have enjoyed watching their families grow up over the many years.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

We are different in other ways!  What we are NOT is the traditional “steam cleaner”.  We have many different carpet/upholstery/leather cleaning techniques in our bag of tricks.  Most competitors do not understand the basics of highly successful carpet/upholstery/leather cleaning.  Our company takes into consideration several facets of cleaning before we begin a task.

Should Your Tampa Bay Carpet Cleaning Company Ask Questions? We do.

Questions we ask: Is the carpet/upholstery a natural fiber or synthetic?  What level of soil has penetrated the carpet or upholstery?  What color is the material?  What is the cause of the spots and stains, and how do we treat them?  How much furniture will we move?  Etc. etc.  These types of questions and answers to them will determine what method of cleaning we use.  Will it be dry clean, wet clean, dry powder, or a combination there of?

Of course a natural fiber like wool, cotton, silk etc require only dry cleaning!  Synthetic fibers can general can be wet cleaned.  If a water based cleaning solution is used on a natural fiber it always spells disaster!  A typical “steam cleaner” generally does not know a natural fiber from grass!  Everything by nature of a “steam cleaners” operation is handled in the same manor.

We have much more information to follow in up-coming posts.  Please keep watching and look for our deep carpet and upholstery cleaning coupons and special offers for Tampa Bay customers!