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Tampa Bay Carpet Cleaning Experts

World Class Services, Inc is a 5 Star Rated Tampa Carpet Cleaning Company. We differ from other local carpet cleaning companies in Tampa Bay beginning with our extensive 30 plus years of experience in cleaning, repairing and restoring dirty rugs and carpets to their very best possible condition. World Class Services Inc’s carpet cleaning technicians are fully trained in using a variety of techniques that focus on restoring your carpets to a factory fresh condition. Our knowledge of carpet fibers and use of the appropriate products has made World Class Services, Inc. stand out above other Tampa Carpet Cleaners. If you’re searching for the best carpet cleaner in Tampa to entrust your fine interiors to, consider World Class Services, Inc.

We Take Our Time Cleaning Your Carpets

Carpets don’t get dirty overnight unless you’ve experienced a recent spill or stain such as a pet accident. It makes sense that cleaning your carpets properly also takes time. Lifting dirt from your carpets through our deep carpet cleaning process results in your carpets looking better than they did. But, our focus is to ensure that your carpets are thoroughly cleaned , including grooming (raking) your carpets. This is how we differ from other Tampa Carpet Cleaners. Providing a professional deep carpet cleaning prevents any dirt or residue from coming back up to the surface.

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Why is this important? When your carpets are not thoroughly deep cleaned, the result is the need to have your carpets cleaned too frequently. This results of over-cleaning is damage to the fibers of your rugs and carpets. Eventually the fibers in your rugs and carpets can break down, which can cause stretching and even discoloring. Additionally, if you are considering carpet protectors, it is especially important that you start with a carpet that has been thoroughly deep cleaned of soil, stains and residues. Unfortunately, most basic or typical carpet cleaning services in Tampa Bay can actually damage your carpets (and furniture) rather than preserve them.

Expect the Best from your Tampa Carpet Cleaning Company

Here are a few things you can expect from World Class Services, Inc. that differ from other Tampa Bay carpet cleaning companies.

  • A team of technicians will come to your home to achieve the very best results and customer care
  • We move and protect your furniture
  • Pre-rake carpets
  • Dry soil removal in corners and edges of carpet
  • Pre-clean and spot treat carpets by hand
  • Rotary shampoo with absorption pad
  • Post-rake carpets
  • Rapid dry carpets
  • Clean and wipe down baseboards
  • Replace furniture when applicable
  • Fast Dry Carpet Cleaning

hand cleaning rugs and carpets for a deep cleanHand Cleaning – We pre-treat stained and soiled carpets by hand, plus we pay close attention to dry soil removal from edges and corners of your carpets. World Class Services technicians are not afraid to work and they will take their time hand cleaning areas that are heavily soiled, or when delicate fibers need added TLC.
Rotary carpet cleaning servicesRotary Cleaning – Rotary cleaner with absorption pad agitates fibers, bringing soils to the surface. This process, known as bonnet cleaning, results in a deeper clean and aids in faster drying times. We use the proper cleaning products to ensure that your carpets and rugs are deep down clean without leaving a residue. This is especially important if you are considering carpet protectors after a deep carpet clean.
Best deep steam clean carpet cleanersSteam or Hot Water Extraction – Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is just one part of our process that results in a deep down clean. Remember, World Class Services, Inc. uses portable hot steam. This means that if you’re a home or business owner on the 1st or 90th floor, we can get your carpets deep, down clean, every time. 

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Tampa Bay Carpet Cleaning Service Areas

World Class Services, Inc. offers professional deep carpet cleaning services in Tampa Bay. If you’re searching for carpet cleaners near Hillsborough County, Pinellas and Pasco County, FL, give us a call today. Chances are, we’re already in your neighborhood!

Hillsborough/Pasco : (813) 886-1815
Pinellas : (727) 796-0999

When You Want More than a Basic Carpet Cleaning, Call World Class Services, Inc. for a Pristine Clean!

Customer Care & Satisfaction |  World Class Services, Inc. is committed to maintaining a higher level of carpet cleaning services, customer care and satisfaction. If you are looking for a Tampa Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Company that provides attention to detail and care for your carpets, fabrics, and your upholstered furnishings? If yes, reach out to us with questions or to obtain a quote.

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