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Carpet Protectors

Now that Your Carpets are Freshy Clean, Protect Them. 

We’ve been caring for and cleaning carpets and upholstery for Tampa Bay home and business owners for decades. Many customers will ask if carpet protectors are worth the money and our answer always varies. Carpet protectors are well worth the money. However, deciding whether or not it is a good choice for you, will depend on a variety of things such as;

  • The type of fibers in your rugs or carpets
  • If you have high traffic
  • If your carpets are prone to stains
  • If you have children
  • If you have pets

If you do decide to go ahead with carpet protection then we highly recommend protecting your fine rugs and carpets ONLY after they are properly deep cleaned. This is an important point. Improper cleaning of your carpets can result in leftover residual dirt and stains. Adding a carpet protector to rugs or carpets that are not truly deep cleaned can cause more harm than good. In short, be sure to opt for the best carpet cleaning services possible prior to opting in on carpet protectors. Choose World Class Services, Inc for deep carpet cleaning in Tampa Bay and your carpets and rugs will be cleaned the right way. Following a deep carpet cleaning, you can trust World Class Services, Inc. to recommend the appropriate carpet protectors.

Upholstery and Fabric Protectors

Oh that velvet chair or wool sofa. If you had your way you would wrap them up in plastic and never allow anyone to sit on them! If you have scheduled an upholstery cleaning service with us, speak with us about the pros or cons about using upholstery protectors. World Class Services, Inc. will provide the very best advice on what is best for your fine furnishings and will not recommend protectors unless we believe they will be beneficial.  As with carpet cleaning, be sure that your upholstery is cleaned using the right techniques. This can differ for each customer so be sure you are entrusting your fine furnishings to the best!

Questions About Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning and Fabric Protection Services?

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Pinellas County:  (727) 796-0999

World Class Services, Inc. prefers to speak in detail with our customers prior to scheduling services. If you have any questions or to schedule a call back to schedule service, please feel free to use the form below.