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Pet Stains and Odor Removal

We love our pets and we love your pets too. We know that with all of that love comes little piddles, big puddles, smelly urine and fecal stains on our carpets and rugs and even on our upholstery. Removing pet urine stains and odors from carpets and furniture is our expertise. Our deep carpet cleaning and pet stain removal process is not comparable to the basic cheaper carpet cleaning services. We provide a higher level of cleaning service and we take care to treat those pet stains and odors properly, so they won’t come back.

Deep Cleaning Carpets and Pet Odors

A Dog’s Urine – What’s in Your Carpet?

You know dog urine must contain some really bad stuff, especially when you can smell it without getting face down in your carpet. These chemicals will build up and start to smell when:
  • Your pet’s accident goes unnoticed
  • Was improperly cleaned or treated with the wrong product
  • You have a pup in training
  • You have an elderly animal who frequently has accidents

pet stain odor removal tampa carpet cleaning servicesWhat’s in Dog Urine and Why it Matters

Dog urine is made of a combination of chemicals such as bacteria, ammonia, hormones and uric acid. When a dog’s urine breaks down, it produces mercaptans. Some of our customers explain to us that their carpets smell like rotting cabbage. When we show up to do a deep carpet cleaning service we know exactly what the culprit is. It’s called Mercaptans. These are the organic bi-products of dog urine after it breaks down. Gross, you say? It sure is. But, pet lovers tackle a lot of gross! World Class Services, Inc. believes that knowledge is power and understanding the science behind the problem makes all of the difference. We take pride in having saved many fine rugs and carpets in our 33 years of carpet & upholstery cleaning service in Tampa Bay, Florida  and we’ve been told that we have saved a few Fidos and Fluffies from being evicted!

How Our Pet Stain and Odor Removal Service Measures Up

Our pet stain and odor removal with our deep carpet cleaning services are different from our competitors. We aggressively go after dog urine stains while taking extraordinary care for the fibers in your carpets and rugs and your furniture and even mattresses. Removing dog urine from your carpets should not be done using steam cleaning. This is how many Tampa carpet cleaners treat pet stains and odors followed up by using a deodorizer to mask the smell.  The problem with that technique is that the odor and stains are never properly cleaned and in no time you’ll be noticing that smell and stains will reappear. 

Cat Urine and Carpet Cleaning – A Whole Different “Animal”

Hormones. Cat urine is much like dog urine and when it breaks down it also creates a the bi-product mercaptans.  Our feline loving customers love our pet stain and odor removal carpet cleaning services because– THE SMELL!! Cat urine smell is often compared to how a “skunk” smells when it sprays. If you’ve reached this page, you likely know what cat urine smells like and you simply want these stains to be cleaned and deodorized now!
Pet stain and odor removal carpets, furniture, mattress cleaning, Tampa Bay, FL
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    Just a Note:
    Carpet Cleaning and Pet Allergies
    World Class Services Inc offers carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Tampa for people with allergies. Reducing allergens in your home, including your furniture and rugs can be an important step in reducing allergens. Did you know that pet urine can also cause allergic reactions similar to pet dander? Find out how a deep carpet cleaning to remove allergens can alleviate those symptoms.

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