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Time for a Deep Down Clean! Don’t forget the Carpets, Furniture and…

Spring is on our doorstep in Tampa Bay but with weather like ours, home and business owners may not take up the same spring cleaning regiments that our northern neighbors do. The truth is that we don’t experience the long winters and may not “feel” the heaviness of all of the dirty fall and winter buildup–But rest assured, it’s still there! Whether you’re up north or in Tampa Bay, a proper spring cleaning after the fall and winter months with attention to harmful bacteria, viruses and allergens is an important part of any good cleaning routine. That routine should include carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, mattress cleaning and even cleaning your outdoor patio furniture.

Deep Carpet Cleaning & Furniture Cleaning, Tampa Bay

World Class Services provides one level of upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning service in Tampa Bay– and it’s “top-level.” Deep cleaning your interior and exterior furnishings isn’t an added service, it is the service. This is how we differ from other Tampa carpet cleaners as well as upholstery cleaners. World Class Services Inc (WCS) has 30 plus years of experience as professional carpet & upholstery cleaners in Tampa Bay. From high end furnishings to grandfather’s hand me down leather chair, we take great care and provide a pristine clean. Our customers know and can trust that they are getting furniture and upholstery cleaning services in the Tampa Bay area that reduces need for repeat cleaning and the costs of having to do so. Most importantly, we are fiber and fabric experts who understand that your interior and exterior furnishings are an investment. Whether you need carpet cleaning in South Tampa or upholstery cleaning in Pinellas County, you can count on us for “World Class Service” and a pristine clean.

If you’re getting into your spring or holiday cleaning routine, here are some reasons to include a deep carpet cleaning as well as a furniture cleaning in Tampa Bay.

  • Deep Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Improves Indoor Air Quality

A WCS deep carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning will eliminate allergens that get embedded in your furnishings. Read more : Deep carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning and mattress cleaning can provide allergy relief and how our highly trained techs tackle and remove allergens such as dirt, dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen and even harmful bacteria.

  • Dust Mites in Your Carpets, Rugs & Furniture, Yes, You Have Them

We’ve covered the topic of how dust mites build up and they can quickly become an infestation. If you have skin, you are shedding the food for the dust mites that are especially problematic for people with allergies. World Class Services knows that getting rid of the mites, means taking away their food source with a deep carpet cleaning.  Mattress cleaning and furniture cleaning is especially important to ensure you aren’t harboring these pests.

  • You Don’t Have to Have Pets to Have Bacteria & Germs in Your Carpets, Furniture and Bedding

We offer pet stain removal services but take note: Although pets and pet accidents that aren’t properly cleaned are a major source of bacteria and germs, there are many others that can come from a variety of sources including; Two legged ice cream spillers, mattress piddlers, sweaty, swimming sofa sitters, dirty footed outdoor dwellers, chicken wing eaters, beer spillers, red wine on the white couch sippers and the list goes on!

Healthier Home Environment with Our Tampa Deep Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Cleaning

Deep cleaning surfaces as part of your cleaning routine must be followed by deep cleaning your carpets, rugs, mattresses and upholstery. This helps to eliminate the germs that live deep down in the fibers of your carpets and home furnishings resulting in a fresh, clean and healthier home environment. World Class Services has over 30 years of experience and we’re confident in our ability to provide both residential and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning services that rise above our competitors.  But, don’t just take our word for it, read what our customers have to say about our services. Customer Reviews/Testimonials

Get a Quote or Schedule Carpet Cleaning /Upholstery Cleaning Services in Tampa Bay

Please call WCS to get a quote or to schedule services in Hillsborough, Pinellas or Pasco County. We prefer to speak to you directly to discuss the details of the services you need but if you prefer, you can send us a secure message below.